Crew Directory

Production - Runners

Nick Allen

VTR Operator kit with Qtake Streaming kit (1 Camera) + Macbook Pro M1 1TB.

Sam Bader

Xander Collier

Olivia Costa

Augusto Garcia

Matt Hart

Davis Jensen

Michael J Knott

Max Laursen

Covid Safe Marshal

First Aid

Hugo Lumsdaine

Toby Meredith-Jones

Frankie Noble-Shelton

Working with Children

First Aid

Gus Paine

Cyrus Pilko

Janna Richert

Covid Safe Marshal

Covid Co-Ordinator

Amber Rose

Nicholas Ryan

Francesca Saraceno

Charles Schache

Justin Smith

Shannen Subrata

First Aid

Charles Tyler

Advanced First Aid

Bianca Wei

Harry Welsh

First Aid

Jake Wright