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Top Technicians Management is a diary and booking service representing the best in freelance film & digital technicians in the Australasia Region. The Top Techs team with their shared industry expertise comes together to offer a service built on reputation and trust. We are also continually expanding our long list of established, award-winning talent with fresh and innovative new blood to provide the film & digital industries with the choice and confidence they need when crewing.

About Liz Hynard

Coming from a production & advertising agency background, Liz originally from the UK, started the first crew booking service in London. Later settling in Australia, Liz set up her own booking service in Sydney. After 30 years of experience as a booking agent, Liz has a reputation as a go-to source for supportive local industry knowledge. She enjoys getting to know her talented roster of freelancers and production crews, helping to foster and propel their careers along the way.

About Karen Watson

A background working as a multiplatform producer, Karen Watson's expertise involves end-to-end production and post-production, meaning she is well versed with the extensive demands of the film, television and content production space. Karen has collaborated on various global projects with production companies and has worked with renowned directors and iconic brands from all over the world. She brings her local industry knowledge, valuable contacts and well-rounded understanding of both client and crew requirements to Top Technicians Management.