Crew Directory

Directors - Assistant Directors - 2nd

Danielle Blake

First Aid

Xander Collier

Hannah De Jorge

Working with Children

Fluent French & Spanish

First Aid

Ashley Douglass

Advanced First Aid

P J Dunlop

Jackson Ezard

Mikaela Feitosa

Lenny Fung

China/Hong Kong Permanent Residency • Trilingual: Cantonese, Mandarin and English

Jennifer Gal

Jane Griffin

Nick Hadland

First Aid

Matt Hart

Rebecca Keros

First Aid

Michael J Knott

Killian Maguire

Nick Marles

Toby Meredith-Jones

Frankie Noble-Shelton

Working with Children

First Aid

Tin Pang

First Aid

Madeleine Pike

Noni Roy

Julian Ryan

Isabel Stanfield

Christopher "CT" Turner